HIV Status Paranoid for 19 days - On the Process

 On 16th of July, I strongly visited a diagnostic laboratory all by my self alone in Pasig City to get tested for HIV 1/2. All establishments which rendered and offered HIV testing are instructed to do precounselling & post counselling session in order to be educated, to be well-oriented, well prepared and minimize confusion of the individuals undergoing HIV testing.

It's easy to go to any HIV testing centers but once you're already entered the centers, that point you will really experienced soothing of
tension, accompanied by cold  fingers which shows cyanosis, and involuntary shaking of legs and profused sweating on the forehead, hands, neck and back of the body. Don't worry you're not alone even the author of this blog experienced the same (LOL). 

Anyway, On the center, Front desk officer asked what test would I like to undergone? And I discreetly answered "Yung Package 19 po" and she replied promptly "Sir, you can look here" & handed me a  list of test available at their firm. I finally point out to her the test - STD test Package composed of 4 test namely HBsAg Screening, VDRL test, TPHA test & HIV 1 & 2 test. After then, She told me I would be under precounseling session before HIV test will be done.

While waiting at the receiving area, the television shows caught my attention and partly fade my tension. For a minute later then, RMT called my name and proceed to Treatment cubicle which apparently serves as their counseling room.
RMT introduced her self and me too in return, She discussed few details regarding HIV and asked me few questions. Questions were all  from the their reference papers and after the short-brief infos, She handed me a paper which I need to be filled-up, that paper contained several questions, some questions is okay, while some are fully personal and confidential. 
Note : During answering, Please make sure all details are true and correct based on your will. Details provided can be used as usage for treatment, to provide history and determine possible spread of infection to others.

I proceeded to their extraction area where freshly withdrawn whole blood are collected and a RMT took 2 small test tube quarterly filled with blood from my posterior arms portion near elbow where median basilic vein and median cephalic vein superficially visible.

RMT uttered if I'm afraid to see blood and I just humbly replied "No, not at all" .It just simply need deep breathes to withdraw the blood and relieve my nerv from existing during collection (hehehe) - trying to be calm and found it easy as the plunger pulled back
And my blood are ready for processing, Blood will be centrifuge to separate every parts from cellular components : RBCs, WBCs, Platelets to Plasma (55% total blood volume). After all steps, RMT advised to get my results late afternoon tomorrow. I'm gettin' nearer to my results and my panoia will soon be treated as test has been starting now. 
But on the next day, I received a message from RMT informing me to wait for few weeks till 1st week of August before they received the results as the test was forwarded to their main laboratory and will be confirmed at San Lazaro Hospital. That message marks my day, it's already circulating on my mind that there's something wrong with these tests, suspicious and perceived the initial true message behind this written message.  From that day till August 2, every day I'm counting seconds, minutes, hours to days, can't stop thinking for the results, it puts me on prolong paranoia, can't think well  during works, can't even talked spontaneously for over the phone conversation, sometimes isolate me can't get along with others as I'm deeply thinking for the test everyday.

"All is well"

to be continued.......

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