My HIV Manifestation : Signs & Symptoms - Do you have it?

S for Signs & SY stands for Symptoms : Let's enumerate them!

Yes, I do experienced signs of having HIV but I don't have any diseases or infection caused by opportunistic pathogens which most of them are very fatal and severe treatment needed. I try to do my best to minimize exposure to any possible cause of catching such devastated opportunist like CMV, Toxoplasmosis, Candida albicans, staphylococcus aureus and etc.

At this moment, I experienced unusual signs which much common in early stage of having HIV, as follows :

1. Burning sensation on the occipital portion widens to the temporal part of head down to my whole back till lumbar curve of my back. It happens during late afternoon from 5pm till the rest of the night. When hot sensation strikes, it stimulates my sudoriferous glands (sweat glands) to produce excessive amount of sweat and release it profusely plus worsen by the odor, it's not what you think - it doesn't mean I have BO, its smell like a oxidize alcohol, not ammonia, not pungent, it smelled like a lower dose of mothballs with moderate scent of alcohol. I'm not good in describing fragrances as I don't use perfume, it will just junk my body odor.

Since I'm working, I always bring extra shirt, and washed my upper body before I went home as I'm only commuting from home to work. While in the apartment,  Electric fan turns to 3rd power to alleviate extreme heat sensation and got a shower before I doze off. That's the only ways to compensate my health condition everyday.

2. Last July, I got blepharitis accompanied by dry eyes, "inflammation of the eyelids". If you noticed it, there's a redness on the eyelids looks like I used a red eyeliner. On the eyelashes, you can saw few flakes dandruff like crust. 

Internet Source : http://www.thebody.com/content/art32841.html -  Based on this URL, Blepharitis infection caused by Staphylococcus Aureus, it happens once T-Cells goes down count of 100 below. Giving pathogen a chance to invade this exposed part - Eye. I really don't know if my T-Cells is already at that level as I don't have any HUBs for now. I'm worried right now 'bout this condition but I only set them aside from my priority. I really don't know why I don't have courage/los courage to seek medical help. I let all bad things happen. I will post something regarding my condition soon, on other entries.

Blepharitis Management :
Every morning as I get up, I took a bath right away and after, scrape off the accumulated cheesy crust like flakes on my left eyelashes using a damp cloth. Flakes isn't too many, it formed like a normal rheum at normal quantity but unusual coz it was formed on my eyelashes. HIV isn't ordinary virus, it has a unique protein capsid enabling the virus to  protect itself from outside environment. There's lot of ways to remove blepharitis like putting ointment or antibiotic drugs, broad spectrum drugs can kill gram-postive bacteria. I'm into it for now, I can still manage this infection.

3. Worst of all, My moderate HIV-related pimples localize on my whole face, leaving with dark spots after pimple dries out and healed. Honestly, I had several numbers of pimples before but this time would be different, very different in size and appearance. HIV Pimples ( as I used to call it) are itchy and grows like a simple raised skin, just a simple bump on the skin secretes a watery fluid and Once dries out, it harden like a cheesy crust like blepharitis also. It stays for a week and bump subside once it dry out. I didn't do anything with these pimples, I just keep my face clean through regular washing, 3x to 4x a day. However, Washing still depend on the weather condition and amount of oil produced  at certain time.
I'm planning to have a facial treatment but fear still comes first, a facialist may noticed it as a sign of having HIV.

to be continued....don't have enough time....

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