October 1 - DO MY PART 

 On Monday, I got a chance to give time to my medical needs. It would be memorable to me coz this time, I give importance to Life and I don't wanna waste any gifts God's given to us, POzZie. If I keep going and do my part, get well isn't impossible. I just simply remember what song's tells to us "Kumilos ka, Tibayan ang iyong puso dahil ikaw ang huhubog sa iyong Buhay" - And this songs keep me from pushing "Habang may Buhay, may Pag.asa". 

There's more to life, not this disease will stop me from dreaming. It might be tough this time but God will always be there to cheer me up and I know even you think it's impossible, For HIM - All is Possible - keep believing, burn the faith & be strong  - have HOPE - even Life shows meaningless. 

Not only for POzzie, for all People who lost Hope in their Lives. You know what God always there, HE never ever leave us, Trust me! I assure you..! Do your part and we will make it happen even there's lot of obstacles on the way-  He will guide you, will protect you, will strengthen you along this Journey.

I know it made me cried while writing this entry. I wanna show you Guys... that Life is all about Hope & Love. On the darkest part of our Life, He Leads you going to His light..!. During raining days, He's with you holding a big umbrella to keep you from wet. During nights, He watch you and guard you against mosquito bites. He put sunrise to reach your dreams in Life. Listen to your Heart and He will always be there with you.

        Anyway, At exactly 5:30am I started to have a shower and done when clock turns to 6:00am. Then, Drove thru a Cab going to Philhealth and update and pay my contribution in order for me to have an access to OHAT Package for HIV Filipino. Right after all, Time to go to RITM-ARG for my 1st ever medical mission. It was 10:10am I arrived at Alabang, Cab's driver seems unfamiliar with Alabang but He knews how to get there. If I took the bus via Skyway, it would be 40 to 50 minutes only. Unfortunately, We took the national road just above the skyway. Okay, no time to complain, Focus on the way and get there as soon as possible.

      It was already 10:45am before I found their ARG Room where there already lots of Pozzie. I knew it was Marvin who approached and entertained me right away, asked what's my concerns. After few chit-chat, I immediately handed him my confirmatory result and turn me over to Ma'am Maram, asked my personal details and gave a paper for reading while I'm waiting her, she's been preparing my files for new patient. Then, She explained those test I need to undergone and gave several papers stamped with OHAT Package ( means these test is FREE and paid under this package given to PLHIV), these are the following :

1. Chest -Xray  : is a radiograph of the chest to detect and diagnose the structure and condition affecting the chest, it examine the Lungs mainly. 

Why Chest X-ray is part of baseline laboratory test done for HIV-Patient?

                   Lungs have lots of branches called Bronchi and it's like a tunnel. Bronchi divided into smaller to smaller tubes (bronchioles) till the end air sacs called alveoli- there's 150 million of alveoli each lung. In the alveoli where gas exchange happened inhale O2 going to the bloodstream and exhale CO2 as the waste product of metabolism.

               In the alveoli, you can find numerous number of White Bloods Cells especially T-Lymphocytes serves as the last line of depense of the respiratory system and to protect the Lungs and the Body entirely from airborne disease, droplets germs and other microbes that may invade the system. For HIV, since the WBCs are reduced in numbers, we're very much susceptible to microbes that can be taken by the air - dust, droplets microbes sneezed thru nose & mouth, smoke pollution & other airborne diseases. 

Where's the X-ray Section in the RITM Alabang? it's just beside the Clinical Laboratory. I just made it first as it only take minimal minutes to be done. After X-ray, is Urinalysis.

2. Urinalysis & Fecalysis

Carrying the test request given by Ma'am Maram, just gave it to the Clinic Lab Technician. You can press the Buzzer on the receiving window of the Lab for immediate assistant.

For Fecalysis, technician will give you a small glass container with rubberized cap for Feces collection.
For Urinalysis, technician will give you again another small container with rubberized cap for Urine collection.

You can pass the urine and feces right away. In my case, I only submitted Urine and will submit feces specimen on the next chance - Oct.10. I couldn't imagine my self collecting feces at Public Toilet. It wouldn't work out for me.

3. For Sputum Test will be conducted at Home (3 consecutive times with several hours interval).

Yes, you heard it. You can submit sputum in just a day or 2 days.  My ID doctor said that collect sputum 3 consecutive times with no days interval. Mostly Nurse and Lab Technician will require you to submit 3 sputum made from 1st early morning then 2nd early morning till 3rd early morning (3rd sputum will be conducted at RITM already for fresh delivery of specimen).

In my case,  I collected it at 7pm then 2nd sputum was collected at 5am where you can really expelled a thick yellowish slimy sputum and the 3rd one, was collected at RITM right after i arrived at that morning around 10am and immediately submitted the specimen at the lab, just don't forgot to mark them as : 1st, 2nd & 3rd with your code name.


.......to be continued.......

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